Hajj has a great significance in the life of Muslims. According to the teachings of Islam, Hajj is the fifth pillar and is obligatory for each Muslim to perform at least once in their lives. We can get evidence from various Hadiths that Hajj is considered as the most superior religious obligation among other pillars of Islam. The omnipotence of Hajj can be confirmed from the Hadith quoted by Abu Huraira that Allah returns a person as a newborn child after the execution of Hajj if he performs all the rituals with deep obedience and follows the regulations for the pleasure of Allah Almighty. To keep oneself connected to Islam and attain the forgiveness of Allah Almighty, we should execute the rituals of Hajj with proper focus on regulations.

Engage in Religious Activities During Hajj

In order to keep our Imaan raised, we must engage ourselves in religious deeds that are precious in Islam. The deeds that connect us to Allah Almighty should be followed according to the teachings of Islam. During Hajj we must obey all the regulations and execute the rituals with proper concentration. Only in such a way we can please Allah Almighty. Performing Nafl Ibadah along with obligated deeds will increase the rewards of Hajj to an elevated level and the performer will attain more blessings of Allah Almighty.  Pilgrims always remain conscious to perform good deeds during Hajj because the rewards of such acts are increased during the 8th to 12th day of Dhul Hajj, the holy month in which Hajj is performed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Hajj Packages 2022- An Opportunity for Pilgrims

Several travel agencies are working to offer different opportunities for Muslims to execute Hajj. Muslims are allowed to avail different packages that include distinctive features according to their prices. Most companies offer people to customize their own Hajj packages with the required facilities that they need during their pilgrimage. During the reign of Covid-19, Hajj was restricted to a specific number of pilgrims because of the deadly disease. However, this year in 2022 the restrictions are raised after the control of coronavirus in almost all countries of the world. So, now Muslims can perform Hajj and get different facilities as well. Hajj packages also consist of a range of 3-star to 5-star facilities that can be included in customized packages as well.

Benefits of Hajj

Hajj has a lot of benefits as Muslims can seek forgiveness of their past sins if they execute all the rituals according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Pilgrims get to know the true meaning of unity and equality among the rich and poor and the concept of discrimination between the white and black is also disappeared during Hajj. Closeness to Allah is another blessing that Muslims get an opportunity to offer prayers and other Ibadah in Makkah which is the most sacred place in Islam. Hajj increases the rewards of every good deed to multiple times and millions of people get cleansed of their past sins.