I had a deep interest in baking and my passion encouraged me to go for baking courses in qualified institutions. I was extremely happy as my dreams were going to be true because not everyone gets this opportunity. Within six months I completed my baking course in 2018 from the Institute of Culinary Education that is located in New York. I got my skills polished and got more knowledge about bakery items. I loved to learn about culinary art and was always focused on designing the pastries and cakes with unique artwork so they look fascinating. My instructors were quite happy with me as I showed interest in learning and was always curious to know more with an inspiration to be different from others.

After completion of my course with 95% grades, I decided to start my job as my teachers advised me that I can work as a confectioner in a well-known bakery in the town. I readily got agreed to this suggestion and started my first dream job. I was so happy to deliver my services there and was always appreciated because of my extraordinary love for baking. The custom boxes used at that bakery were not that attractive as I wanted them to be designed fully according to my baking art. I put forward my request to the manager and he asked me that I must make some suggestions to them so that they get to know my idea of changing the boxes. I searched for different custom box designs and selected a few of them.

The manager was quite happy with my selections and solaced me that he would do something for the custom box designs. Meanwhile, I searched for different companies that were working to provide services for the custom bakery boxes as I needed for my bakery items at my workplace. I suggested my manager to look for the custom bakery boxes by CPP company as their custom bakery boxes were usually designed for a specific confectionery and the cardboard used in the packaging material was quite fine as well.  Boxes were economical in price and were affordable with the best design as I needed to make my art more attractive. The manager accepted my proposal and the custom boxes were changed as per my preference. This was all because the sales of the company were not increasing and the manager liked my baking skills a lot because the customers were highly satisfied.

I was working with complete honesty and loyalty to my workplace as this was my dream to be a confectioner in a well-known bakery or any restaurant. After one year of my services in 2020, I lost my job because of COVID-19 and was in severe anxiety and depression because of the situation around me. The bakery got collapsed due to no sales of items and the exceeded period of lockdown in the country. I was feeling deeply tensed for my future as the situation around me was not giving any positive vibes.  My mother was not happy with my condition in those days and was worried for me.

My parents decided that they must provide me with some financial help to establish my own business for bakery items. I also agreed to this suggestion and contacted the CPP company for their services to provide me custom bakery boxes and this time I suggested they print my business name on the boxes and changed some designs as well. I liked their services during my job because the boxes provided by them were unique and attractive because of their eye-catching graphics and colors used to make them creative. All these services were provided at cheap prices as well which was the main plus point to choose this company.

One of their customer service representatives told me that the company deals with a plethora of different shapes and designs of custom bakery boxes so I was provided with a number of choices to make my bakery items look more attractive and enchanting. I established my business in the mid of 2021 when the pandemic situation was somehow recovered due to vaccination. I was highly satisfied with the custom bakery boxes provided by CPP because my new customers just loved the boxes, as well as the value of my bakery items, was also enhanced.

I usually ordered the triangular and circular boxes for the cupcakes and the square custom boxes were ordered for cakes. The cardboard used in the bakery boxes was made with the best quality of material and it never disappointed me as the cakes and other bakery items always remained fresh and protected in those boxes because they were secure enough for the eatables. Designing and the graphics used on the boxes were also according to my preferences always as in some cases I asked them to make some unique boxes for my return customers.

The cardboard used in their boxes was strong enough to be stored in the refrigerator as being a professional baker I have experience of cheap cardboard used in custom boxes because such boxes are not worthy and also get softer easily by placing them in the refrigerator for storage. So I must say that the custom boxes provided by this company are highly recommended by me to everyone. Even I suggested their services to one of my dear friends and she also praised their services a lot because of the quickest turnaround and presentable look of custom bakery boxes.

At last, I would like to mention that my business is running well just because of their cooperation. I wanted similar boxes for my bakery items because the design and the graphics must be matching with the products I make and must be attractive as well. I learned one thing, the first impression of a product packaging makes people fond of your services and I needed similar boxes to make my services presentable in front of my customers to enhance my business in the future as well